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rp_IPClogoS.jpgThe Israeli Pest Control operators Association( I.P.C.O.A )  is a non profit, professional registered association, founded in 1961 by the first PCO group. After few years of inactivity a new leading group decided to revive the association and start new activity in order to promote the needs of it's  members and the industry's interests.

On 18.1.2018 the association had it's Annual General Meeting, elections and short seminar.  The assembly elected a new  board for a term of one year. contact details of the  board.

The Pest Control profession is regulated and  supervised by the Ministry of Environment Protection, who is issuing the required license and qualifications through the public health training center. There are more than 3000 registered PCO ( 2017 ) and about 1000 of them are active PCO, spread in all professional fields like small private business, larger country wide firms, regional municipalities, general industries employees, government offices, institutes etc. 

Statistically there are 20 times more PCOs in Israel than in the USA, per capita. By law, PCO license is effective for limited period of time and has to be renewed, by application, every 3 years. There are three license ratings – Rodents – Insects – Fumigation.   Fumigation rating can be obtained only after one year of approved licensed experience.

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*  P.o.B 241  Givataim  5310201  Israel  FAX: +972-89356574-

@   irgunhamadbirim@gmail.com

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link to the list of present Ass. functions  elected on March 2018 for one year term.